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Good governance is a prerequisite to ensure quality and standard of health professional’s education in Bangladesh. For good governance proper knowledge, skill and attitude are required. Knowledge is power and education provides that knowledge to enlighten. Education, specially higher education, facilitates good governance by preparing leadership as per the Lancet Commission Report 2010 for the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge to the society. Educated human resource is the major driving forces for social change.  In the task of ensuring quality improvement in medical education in Bangladesh since establishment in 1983, Centre for Medical Education (CME) has been playing an important role in this regard. 

CCME developed, reviewed & updated the curricula of MBBS, BDS, IHT, MATS, HA, SIT etc. in Bangladesh as per it’s TOR. CME acts as the secretariat of National Quality Assurance Scheme since 1998. CME conducts two years MMEd course since 2004 for the medical and dental teachers and also started one year Postgraduate Diploma in Health Professions Education (PGDHPEd) for the teachers of medical, dental & allied health professional from 2018 under BSMMU. Till June 2021 total 154 students were admitted in to MMEd course up to 17th Batch and 107 were awarded MMEd degree from BSMMU. At present 9 students at thesis part of MMEd course. Student’s intake in 2021 for 18th batch of MMed course is under process. CME also conduct workshops regularly every year on Teaching Methodology and Assessment. Since 2021 CME has started to conduct Online Certificate Course on Medical Education (e-CMEd). CME is the WHO collaborating Centre on Medical Education since 2016. Innovation in medical education, educational management, education system, assessment, research, educational audit and journal publication are also the major tasks of CME. Establishing faculty development programme, publishing peer reviewed CME Journal and Online assessment of National Quality Assurance Scheme are the plan of CME in 2021. Most recently CME will be a stakeholder for reviewing and updating of post graduate curriculum also.
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. –Said,   Nelson Mandela. We, CME, are with that theme.


Prof. Syeda Shahina Subhan
Centre for Medical Education (CME)
Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212


Continuous professional development dedicated to the improvement of the standards of health care delivery through better education, training, and research.

To promote health professions education through training of teachers of medical, dental, nursing & allied health professions institutes.

To improve, promote and sustain the quality of health professions education of Bangladesh and in South East Asia regional countries.

Core Areas of Work:
Health Professions Education
Curricular development, review & updating
Quality improvement: QAS
Educational Management
Educational Research
Provide technical support
Collaborative work

Major Activities:
Conduct  two years Masters in Medical Education (MMEd) course.
Conduct one year Postgraduate Diploma in Health Professions Education (PGDHPEd).
Develop, review and update MBBS, BDS, IHT-9 courses, MATS, SIT and HA Curricula.
CME acts is the secretariat of NQAB since 1998 as per developed National tools and guidelines on QAS for Medical Colleges.
Work as WHO Collaborating Centre for Medical Education (since 5 August 2016).
Training for the teachers of medical ,dental ,IHT ,MATS,FG institute on teaching. Methodology,,Assessment,Resears, methodology, Biostasistics ,Problem  Based  Learning (PBL),
Teaching , Health  Ethics  , Instructional  Materials  Development,   Curriculam Development,m   Instructor  & Program  Evaluation , Educational  management , Quality  Assuurance Scheme (QAS)  & Accreditation .
Provide technical support & collaboration to BM & DC,   SMFB,  BNMC, DNMS,DGHS, MOH & FW,Dean offices , Medical & dental  Colleges ,BSMMU & BCPS .
Conduct collaborative work with WHO,AAB,ADPC,PSTC,TLMB,UNICEF.

CME has 16 teaching faculty members,23 support staff and more than 100 adjunct faculty members.

CME enjoy advisory position of Association for Medical Education Bangladesh.

Major achievements:

  • Conducting two years MMEd course . Since 2004-2005. Firstly under DU and later on under BSMMU.Total 72 qualified till 11 batch.
  • Developed MBBS,BDS ,IHT-9 course ,MATS ,SIT and HA Curricula.
  • Developed National tools and guidelines on QAS for Medical Colleges. CME is the secretarial of NQAB since 1998.
  • Developed  training modalities for inter Professional Education (IPE)
  • Designated as WHO collaborating center for Medical Education ( since 5 August 2016)
  • Training for the teacher of Medical , dental,IHT,MATS,PG ,institutes on teaching Methodology, Assessment, Research, methodology,Biostatistics, problem based learning(PBL),teaching health ethics,instructional materials development, curriculam development,instructor & program evalution,Educational management, Quality  Assurance Scheme (QAS) & Accreditation
  • Provaided technical support & collaboration to BM&DC, SMFB,BNMC,DGHS,MOH&FW,Dean offices ,Medical & dental Colleges,BSMMU & BCPS.
  • Conducted collaborative work with WHO, AAB,  ADPC, PSTC,  TLMB,  UNICEF
  • CME conducted training for 42 WHO fellows from regional and extra regional countries.
  • CME conducted qualifying examination to select assistant registrars ,indoor medical officers (IMOs) , lecturers of different subjects for govt. Medical colleges to ensure quality teaching by competent faculty members.
  • CME also conducted national central admission tests for 3 years diploma in nursing science and midwifery ,4 years BSc in nursing,four years homeo /alternative medical care students admission tests for more than 12 years.


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Phone: 88-02-9842889
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